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  • Steve Melan

    I used to have my own tools for managing and monitoring our BizTalk infrastructure when the project started at BCEE. Once I knew about BizTalk360, I decided that this was the tool that would enable me to reduce the time spent writing customized solutions for BCEE’s BizTalk infrastructure.

    Steve Melan

    IT Architect, BCEE

  • David Grospelier

    BizTalk360 is the ideal tool for our customers to monitor BizTalk and the entire technical environment. With BizTalk360, our customers can be proactive in detecting incidents or non-events and notifying end users or implementing the corrective actions. The tools to operate the environment with fine grained permissions and detailed traceability enable our customers to use BizTalk360 as a single tool for all their support and analysis activities. Finally, thanks to the analytical capabilities provided by BizTalk360, our customers can analyse in real time the activity of their system, better understand the uses of their platform and anticipate the increases in load.

    David Grospelier

    Middleware Architect at Middleway

  • Giles

    In BizTalk world, we often end up building a lot of custom tools to fill the gaps in administration and monitoring. Soon it becomes a problem managing them and also, there are no common user interfaces between these various custom tools. BizTalk360 fills all those gaps and makes it a one-stop shop for BizTalk Server monitoring, alerting, automation, reporting, and many other capabilities. A MUST-HAVE where BizTalk server is in use.




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